Johanna Knefelkamp works as dancer, choreographer and dance coach. She grew up in Bamberg/Germany where she has started her career at TANZWERKSTATT Bamberg. After experimenting in dance in various locations like Seville and Hamburg, she earned her Bachelor Degree at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem/ Netherlands and graduated in 2017 with
the International Master of Artist Educator.

The main principles of contact improvisation and different fusions with contemporary dance and dance theatre are the basis of Johanna´s work. She loves exploring the opportunities of movement related to time, space, weight and flow. In her projects Johanna follows her fascination for intellectual and physical challenges. Her work is influenced by recent topics, politics or philosophical questions. As a researcher she knows about the capability of art and especially the possibilities in dance to follow the flow of changing the world.

The contweedancecollective was founded by Johanna Knefelkamp and Laura Saumweber in 2016 after four years of performing, creating and teaching together. They see and feel the perfect partner in each other. Together, they share, communicate, feel, discuss, create, learn and love dance. Working as team is their fundamental source of their success and gives them energy, which they share with other artists to keep developing their working and learning experiences.

Amongst others they worked together with the Beeldend Danstheater Telder (2014), PRA-Muziektheater (2016), Dance Theatre of Munich (2016), Erik Kaiel (2016), Nadine Gerspacher (2016), Freda B.Fitch(2017) or Samir Calixto (2017). Together they created several pieces for different platforms in the Netherlands and Germany like the All About Lucian Festival (2015), Festival Havenwerk (2016), GemeinsamGehörenGehört (2016) or Art Release Amsterdam (2016). In 2017 they were invited for the Artist Residency and International Choreography Festival in Hong Kong.

Laura Saumweber, born in Munich/ Germany works as dancer, choreographer and teacher in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. She studied at the school of dance Varium in Barcelona for vocational training in contemporary dance. Afterwards she continued her studies in the Netherlands at ArtEZ University of the Arts where she graduated in 2017 with the Bachelor of Dance in Education.

Contemporary floor work and contact improvisation are her main research fields and source of inspiration as a dancer and teacher. Laura is completely fascinated by the phenomenon of moving bodies caught on the endless search of new pathways and possibilities with one another. The act of sharing and trusting are important elements in her work. She likes playing
and searching for physical and mental limits which allow her to explore and identify her own movement language and strength. With lots of curiosity and discipline she is open for every surprise and all unknown pathways the future might bring.